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If you want a new budget rifle, Well, this page can help you find what you like.

We listed different budget rifle for your various needs, and you can choose best one by reading customers’ reviews and descriptions of each budget rifle carefully.

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Best Budget Rifle in the World

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

This new model will change the way you think about hunting with airguns. Offering 1200fps with PBA or 1000fps with standard lead, your sure to be ready for the elements.

Product Research
  • “The RWS is about the same loudness as the silent cat, but it is pushing a .22 cal pellet weighing 3x as much at only 800fps.” – T. Hanson
  • “Its very accurate and powerful.” – FMTZ
  • “I highly recomend this air rifle to anyone looking for a fun time shooting, or anyone intrested in small game hunting.” – William C. Booth Jr.

Crosman Stinger R34 airsoft gun

High quality .

Product Research
  • “If you are a beginner in airsoft, I recommend getting this gun.” – Airsoft dude
  • “This gun is great for close range combat.” – M. Vaughan
  • “The firing mechanism jammed after just a few operations.” – John M. Stewart

Crosman Ready To Play AirSoft Kit (Rifle, pistol, ammunition)

The Stinger R39 from Crosman holds up to 350 BBs and is equipped with a full-length accessory rail. Side and lower rails are placed on the foregrip for additional accessory mounting.

Product Research
  • “This was a good product, works very well, shoots accurately and pistol and rifle both are very good and accurate.” – RandomReviewer
  • “Mag capacity is 300 but you have to shake it every 18 bbs which is a pain and makes tons of noise.” – young teen boy
  • “Handle Broke off again in the same place.” – Jason Morse

Gamo Hornet Air Rifle, .177 Caliber

This spring operated break barrel air rifle features an ambidextrous, synthetic all-weather stock, a two stage adjustable trigger and a ventilated recoil pad.

Product Research
  • “Accurate, and very gun like in feel.” – Ed
  • “For this rifle, heavier than 8 grain but not over 10.5 grain pellets work best.” – Surfisher
  • “It is very accurate I shot a snowshoe hare at forty yards off hand right through the neck.” – Snowshoe hare hunter

Crosman 2100 B air rifle

One of the most versatile airguns on the market, the Crosman 2100B multi-pump pneumatic shoots either steel BBs or .177 lead pellets. With 200 BB rounds in the gun’s reservoir (17 BBs in the magazine), you’ll be shooting for hours without having to reload.

Product Research
  • “This bb gun has plenty of power, it is accurate, and has a good feel for your hands.” – Auto Tech B
  • “Everything works fine, but the bolt, which you must pull back to chamber a BB or pellet, is very hard to operate.” – 5-strang
  • “I finally did my research on the internet and found many instances of other owners having the same problem.” – JCL

Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

Ruger Blackhawk rifle spring-piston break-barrel single-shot. All-weather ambi composite stock fiber optic sights (fully adjustable rear) Includes 4×32 scope and mount.

Product Research
  • “The rifle has a very solid, hefty feel.” – James F. Tomsovic
  • “The Ruger branded pellet rifle is awesome.” – Hotrod
  • “Although the open sights that come on these are very adequate, I suggest putting a really good quality scope with sturdy scope rings on them.” – Old Codger

880 Powerline Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch

Our best-selling multi-pump pneumatic rifle. And, with good reason. Features a woodgrained, Monte Carlo stock and forearm.

Product Research
  • “The quality of the rifle is very good.” – Tim Jenkins
  • “They make great boat guns when using hunting pellets for killing snakes and small game too.” – K. Chrisman
  • “I’ve been shooting about 25 – 45 feet, and I’ve been able to accurately hit my target zone, in decent size grouping, with only about 2 to 4 pumps.” – L. J. Dunlap

M16 A2 Style Airsoft Spring Powered Rifle

1/1 scaled spring powered M16a1 style airsoft rifle. Shoots approx 240 FPS. full size.

Product Research
  • “I was looking around for a cheap airsoft gun just for fun and I came to this one.” – Cliff Chiang
  • “It is used as a toy for battles with friends, he has a great time with it.” – Jenn
  • “The cocking mechanism: The cocking mechanism is sturdy and shouldn’t break, but is still easy to pull back.” – Carol Reed

Crosman Recruit Multi-Pump .177 caliber Pellet & BB Rifle air rifle with scope

The Recruit is the gun that grows with you. The Adjustable stock makes the Recruit adaptable for shooters of any size and sighting in is easy with the fiber optic sight or the 4x15mm scope.

Product Research
  • “It feels like it is very cheaply made due to the light weight plastics used, but works surprisingly well.” – Thew
  • “My son loves to hunt rabbits and squirrels with them.” – insanewomantimes3
  • “I’ve shaken it, turned it upside down but a BB won’t go into the chamber.” – rocknnmike

Soft Air Foreign Legion's Famas Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle (Black)
Palco Sports

Foreign Legion’s Famas Airsoft Rifle

Product Research
  • “This gun is the best gun in the world.” – R. Shell
  • “This gun is very accurate and powerful.” – RicerFromIowa
  • “If your looking for a GOOD airsoft gun . . . BUY THIS ONE, IT WONT LET YOU DOWN! :-) – leokyza

Suggestions of the Best budget rifle

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